BR offers a complete package and fully comprehensive range of services to cover any of your ventilation extraction or heat recovery requirements.

Our skilled team will guide you through your specific needs and advise on the latest technology and most energy efficient ways to meet your requirements.

Some of Our Products:

  • Bespoke air handling units (internal & external) incorporating energy efficient cooling and heating sections, humidification and dehumidifiers, filtration and heat recovery.
  • Plenum chamber for fan coil distribution, grilles and louvers, attenuators and acoustic rooms.
  • Kitchen Hoods and extraction
  • Fresh air ventilation systems incorporating heat recovery
  • Fan units, long & short-cased axial fans, centrifugal fans, energy efficient fans etc
  • Condenser cages and platforms.
  • Smoke dampers with actuators and control panels (linked into fire alarm and BMS systems)
  • Cleaning and preventative maintenance

Recent Ventilation Projects include:

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